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philmCGI’s work on 2 movies and 1 teleseries releases within a Month

Pune, 15th April 2024: philmCGI studio known for its Visual Effects & Animation has carved its niche by working on and successfully delivering VFX for many prominent series and movies like Jubilee, Qala, Sacred Games Season 2, Kaala Paani, The Archies to name a few.

This last month has been very special with the release of multiple works coming to life on screen. The first was Murder Mubarak a thriller movie with an ensemble of stars including Sara Ali Khan, Pankaj Tripathi, Dimple Kapadia etc. The studio delivered VFX for the same which was released on Netflix India.

Next was a crime drama series, the studio’s first major work with the South Film Industry called Inspector Rishi. The studio worked very had to create the perfect CGI Characters & Creatures, FX Simulations, Unreal set extensions etc for this series. The team also used a lot of new methods and technology while working on the series giving it the most real feel, which is why people did not realise the magnitude of the VFX work done. The series has garnered a lot of appreciation and is trending on Amazon Prime India.

“Inspector Rishi marked a significant milestone in our recent VFX endeavours, encompassing a vast scope of conceptualisation to final execution. Our team breathed life into photorealistic animals, including elephants, deers, tigers, insects etc seamlessly integrating them with live characters for added complexity. We also tackled CG set extensions utilising Unreal engine and meticulously crafted FX simulations for insects, fire and other elements. The diverse range of tasks undertaken throughout the project made every step exhilarating and challenging, pushing the boundaries of our craft” says Sanjay Rajan, VFX Studio Head, philmCGI.

Last but not the least the team worked on Imtiaz Ali’s latest movie ‘Chamkila’ starring Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra is touted to be his best work so far. Philm CGI’s team has used traditional or as we call it 2D Animation to evoke magic on screen. This comic style animation and test super over images helped in blending live image with animation creating a unique way of story telling. This method has never been done before in Indian Cinema with such magnitude and has been praised and well received by both the industry and the viewers. This movie has made it to the global top 10 viewing on Netflix.

“We pitched a wide array of art styles to Imtiaz for Chamkila, he liked them ALL. It is a great opportunity for our studio to showcase 3 different forms of art and animation in one film (Roto/Traditional animation/Graphic novel). This film was a creative dream come true where we pushed boundaries and that can be viewed on screen. From text supers to the animation and split screens this film will always be known as a breakthrough of multimedia and animation in Indian Cinema” Says Kanchi Kanani, Creative Director, philmCGI.

“Our team does a lot of research and development before any project to get into the real essence of the storyline which helps us work on various kinds of methods depending on what the project requires and that is then converted with ease for the viewers to view on screen” says Arpan Gaglani, MD, philmCGI

‘The technical pipeline we have created which is our proprietary pipeline helps us get the best output in required deadlines. Working on large scale Animation and VFX projects needs a lot of creative and technical support, our teams work closely on this together with the production house teams to get the best output” says Anand Bhanushali, MD, philmCGI

About philm CGI:

philm CGI is a TPN Gold certified Indian Visual Effects and Animation (2D & CGI) studio with leading edge script to screen production capabilities. 300+ team of highly talented and accomplished artists work from our studios based out of two of India’s most beautiful cities – Pune & Thrissur.

Our Production Capability Includes Designs, Storyboarding, Pre-Viz, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, CFX/CHF, Animation, Lighting, Effects, Compositing, and Creature Creation.

philm CGI is the brainchild of Mr. Arpan Gaglani & Mr. Anand Bhanushali, who gave up their comfortable jobs to carve their own path in the industry. Over the years their work experience helped them hone their entrepreneurial, creative and technical skills which has created a strong foundation for philm CGI.

Below please find a link of their work for your reference:
Website link:- http://philmcgi.com/

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