Here at philm CGI,

We Celebrate Work

At philm CGI, we believe in having fun while we do what we love!
The Similarities in our Differences brought us together and freedom of thought and expressions keeps us together!

We believe in the magic of stories and aim to be the best story tellers by bringing the greatest stories to life, in the best way!

Arpan Gaglani

Arpan is not only the creative mastermind, but also the power-house of philm CGI. He is a metal-head and his co-workers believe if it wasn’t for philm CGI, Arpan would be leading a metal band.

Anand Bhanushali

A techy, gadget geek and animal lover; Anand is a commerce graduate and an MBA dropout, who went on to become a graphic designer and 3D artist. When Anand is not busy looking into different operations at philm CGI, he is busy watching Formula 1! His colleagues say he can do without anything, but his son, his dog and Formula 1!

The Philmy Family