In addition to our full range of work in Animation and VFX, philm CGI’s IP development division has created a series of Intellectual Properties that we’d love to introduce you to.


Target: Kids (6 to 9 Years)
Genre: Action/Adventure
Story Concept: Arpan Gaglani
Production Company: philm CGI
Synopsis: Monster App is the story of Eric Bones, who uses a magical drawing app on his tablet computer to transform himself into a monster-hero with mission of protecting Earth from the Bogeyman.
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Target: Kids (3 to 5 Years)
Genre: Preschool
Story: Amod Phadke
Production Company: philm CGI
Synopsis: Zamboora takes you on a journey of world discovery and
knowledge with the help of two kids Sunny & Bunny and their friend, philosopher & guide Hoo Hoo the Owl.
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Target: Preschool
Genre: Adventure / Comedy
Producers: Dargaud Media / Ellipsanime Production / philm CGI
Synopsis: Based on a comic book which has been translated into 14 languages! The comic book has been very successful in several
countries and has received many awards.


Genre: Fantasy/Fairy tale
Director: Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein
Producers: Scopas Medien / Grid Animation / philm CGI
Synopsis: Marnie is a chubby cat, treated like a princess. When she
is forced to make her own way in the world, she realizes who she really is –
a lonely cat in need of friends.

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