There is nothing quite as moving as a story well told. We are philm CGI. And we tell the best stories.

The last six years have been a whirlwind of countless such stories for screens and audiences across the world. We’ve collaborated with some of the greatest filmmakers, producers and artists out there – breathing life into characters and crafting narratives that last.

philm CGI was built by Animation and VFX professionals with decades of industry experience, bringing together wildly imaginative ideas and the coolest tech. Today, as an Animation and VFX studio at the very forefront of filmmaking, we are committed to entertaining and emotive storytelling.

Our streamlined approach to systems and processes – coupled with a fun work culture that has a proven tendency to attract crazy people – allows us to deliver captivating imagery within improbable deadlines.

From animation to stunning visual effects – from magical talking paper owls to fearsome alien invaders – we create work that stands apart in its relatability, effectiveness and sharp attention to detail.

Bring us your most imaginative stories and watch us build them into life.