Marnie’s World confirmed in 21+ countries

Marnie’s World is an animation feature file produced by Scopas Medien in Germany and co-produced by Grid Animation (Belgium) and philm CGI, India.
philm CGI not only co-produced Marnie’s World but also worked extensively on the Animation of this film.

Directed by Oscar winners Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein Marnie’s World is Distributed by Global Screens worldwide and slated to release this year.

The Film has already been confirmed in 21+ countries which includes France, Spain, China, Hungary, Latin America, Turkey, Vietnam, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, Russia, Middle East, South Korea, Malaysia and Philippines and are in discussion with a lot more.

Marnie’s World is about a chubby cat, treated like a princess when she is forced to make her own way in the world, then she realizes who she really is, just a lonely cat in need of friends.

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